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There's no risk in trying Livewire Musician because the basic account is free. Your account grows as you do, no strings attached.


LiveWire Musician is offered on a subscription basis. This makes it the easiest software to get started with. There is no imposing upfront fee, and no risk that you'll buy the software only to let it sit on your shelf collecting dust.

While we could have stopped there, we decided to go a step further. We offer a Basic Account, which provides everything you would need in a contact manager, for free. $0. You receive space to store 50 Contacts and 200 Fans for free.

Basic Account: $0

...and all the features listed on the features page

We also offer additional services and features that can be added to a Basic Account. You buy what you need when you need it.

Price List For Services Beyond Free Account

Contact Management, Web Gear and PR Tool services are available monthly or pay for a year in advance and save 15%.

Product/Service Monthly  
Space for an additional 750 contacts $5.95 Pay For A Year
In Advance
And Receive
A 15% Discount

Pay Annually & Save!

Space for an additional 2000 Fans $5.95
Space for an additional 25MB of file storage $4.95
An additional user for an account $4.95
Each additional custom field $1.95
Fan DIRECT!™ &
Calendar DIRECT!™ limited time combo
(normally $11.90)

PR Tools Subscription
Artist Monitor $5 to track a song for 3 months
$25 to track an album for 3 months

Industry Contacts are available on a subscription-basis

Industry Contacts Subscription
CD Baby College Database $75 for 2 year subscription
Indie Bible $36.95 for 12 month subscription
Ariel Publicity Contacts $20 for 1 year subscription

Don't forget all the features that already come with the FREE Basic Account


It is impossible to overstate the usefulness of LiveWire Musician in achieving these ends. We have access anytime, anywhere to all of our contacts. Add to that the extraordinary responsiveness of the customer service staff to our needs and challenges, and it adds up to the happy reality that has become an indispensable piece of our overall business plan.
Brian Perry
Artist, President, & Co-owner First Go Round Productions