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Software Features

Website Integration

Calendar Direct!™

Calendar DIRECT!™ allows you to choose events in your calendar to display on your own public web page.
You can customize your calendar so it looks exactly the way you want.
There are TWO new ways of publishing your calendar:

Another nice feature with both of these options is you can specify what date range you want to show, otherwise it will show all future events by default. Calendar DIRECT!™ To view a live example of someone who is using it today click here.


It is impossible to overstate the usefulness of LiveWire Musician in achieving these ends. We have access anytime, anywhere to all of our contacts. Add to that the extraordinary responsiveness of the customer service staff to our needs and challenges, and it adds up to the happy reality that has become an indispensable piece of our overall business plan.
Brian Perry
Artist, President, & Co-owner First Go Round Productions