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Software Features

Website Integration

Fan Direct!™

Fan DIRECT!™ gives you the power to have people signup on your mailing list from your own website. The information gets saved directly to your account - no more cutting and pasting emails.

Here's how it works...

We give you the basic HTML that looks like this:

Country: can format it however you like to give it your own look:

Get on our Mailing List!
Your Name:

...or maybe this:

Name: Email:
City: State: Zip:

Customized Settings and Controls

You have your own Fan DIRECT!™ settings to control how it works for you!


LiveWire Musician has been great for us because it's made it easier to stay in touch with our grassroots fanbase while we're touring. Suddenly our fans are as close as the nearest Internet Station, even if we're in California, Canada, Europe or wherever! LiveWire also has great customer service and whenever we have a question or suggestion Jaime responds immediately and is extremely helpful. LiveWire is constantly evolving and is an invaluable service for touring musicians.
Rachael Sage and Margo Wentzien
MPress Records