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Fan Direct!™

Fan DIRECT!™ gives you the power to have people signup on your mailing list from your own website. The information gets saved directly to your account - no more cutting and pasting emails.

Here's how it works...

We give you the basic HTML that looks like this:

Country: can format it however you like to give it your own look:

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...or maybe this:

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Customized Settings and Controls

You have your own Fan DIRECT!™ settings to control how it works for you!


Increasingly up against it in this ('rotten stinking business...' - Mommie Dearest) a co-ordinating/co-ordinated site such as LiveWire Musician, designed + run by guys on the street is an invaluable assist. If working the room is not a cynical but a vital activity, the fan/broadcast aspect alone is awesome. (Saved the perpetual SHELLEY WINTERS PROJECT spam from a hideous demise.) Hats off to these guys.
Rick Berlin
Shelley Winters Project