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CD Baby College Database

You can subscribe to the CD Baby College Database and access it through your LiveWire Musician account search screen. A subscription allows you to search, view, then click-and-copy College Database contacts right into your account. No manual typing and no cut-and-paste needed to find & store the information you need.

An online subscription is $75.00 for 2 years which includes 2880 colleges and automatic data updates as they become available. You'll always have the latest names and numbers.

To take advantage of the CD Baby College Database feature you must have a LiveWire Musician account. If you don't have one signup for a free account, then subscribe to the College Database from the Directory section.

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Increasingly up against it in this ('rotten stinking business...' - Mommie Dearest) a co-ordinating/co-ordinated site such as LiveWire Musician, designed + run by guys on the street is an invaluable assist. If working the room is not a cynical but a vital activity, the fan/broadcast aspect alone is awesome. (Saved the perpetual SHELLEY WINTERS PROJECT spam from a hideous demise.) Hats off to these guys.
Rick Berlin
Shelley Winters Project