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There's no risk in trying Livewire Musician because the basic account is free. Your account grows as you do, no strings attached.


Free Basic Account
Don't pay money for something you've never used before. There's no risk in trying Livewire Musician because the basic account is free. Your account grows as you do, no strings attached.

A la Carte Premium Services
The services that we do charge for are all separated out so you don't have to pay for something you don't use. We want you to only use what you're paying for, making it affordable for whatever your needs are.

Always Improving
We are constantly improving Livewire Musician. As we enhance our software, you'll automatically see our new features right away - no extra charge. And we want to hear from you - if you have suggestions we want to know them.

Ease of Use
It is easy to get started and keep going with LiveWire Musician. There is an extensive help section, and our Email Support Team promptly responds to all questions. We have made every effort to make LiveWire Musician one of the most user-friendly applications on the web.

Easy Import
Easily import your existing list of contacts and fans into your account. We'll even help you do it if you have any problems. We can do pretty much anything...Outlook, Access, FileMaker, Hotmail, etc...

The data you enter into LiveWire Musician is your own and will always remain that way. Safe and secure - it's what we do.

Customer Support
We have quick, fast, and fantastic customer support.just ask our customers

You'll never lose data again when your computer crashes! We back up all your data for you - automatically - at no extra cost!

Anytime/anywhere Access
Access your data from anywhere - access your account from home, from your day job, from the road...wherever you have the Internet. You can't do this with traditional software, but with us your account is always accessible.

Everyone in your organization, your band, or your family can access your account with a username and password because it's on the internet.

No Installation
Because LiveWire Musician is browser-based you won't have to install anything and you won't have the headaches of dealing with desktop software problems, bugs, and painful upgrades.

Not only is Livewire Musician cheaper, safer, and easier, it's completely customizable too! You define the information to keep track of (for you techies out there this means you can define your own database fields).

Peace of Mind
Your data is a click away. You can export your data any time using the Export screen. That's how confident we are that you'll love what we offer.


I think that livewire is one of the best things that's ever happened to independent musicians.
Ernie Halter